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INSTAGRAM: Joe’s 5 Steps To Reaching Double Figures

Reaching for the 10k? Growing your Instagram following doesn’t have to be hard, with a few simple methods you’ll hit those double figures in no time.


#1 – Follow

Instagram is as much about following as it is about getting followers and turning those buttons green is your best chance of attracting new people to your page.

But who?

Don’t just follow any old thing you fancy with the hope you might get a follow back (Beyonce might have some great shots but chances are she’s not interested in your small sweet shop off the coast of Cornwall).

You need to follow relevant people that you want to attract to your page. Try searching for local area hashtags or content related to your brand, these are great for finding potential followers and getting content inspiration too!


#2 – Post The Good Stuff

Test the water with this one and don’t be afraid to change things up if your content doesn’t get much engagement. You should be posting top quality content that will attract new followers and get them hitting that ❤️ button as often as possible.

You don’t have to be a top photographer to take a good selfie – play around with angles, lighting and filters to see what works! The fact that photos are taken on a phone make your content more authentic and shows off your creativity so let it be an advantage rather than a constriction.


#3 – Find Your Niche

Chances are your followers are following you for a reason and finding that is key to keeping them engaged.

Check which posts are doing well and which ones aren’t and try to establish a theme for your content that’s relevant to your brand (no one wants to follow a fashion brand only to find daily posts of monster trucks).


#4 – Tag Tag Tag Tag Tag

Perhaps the biggest way of getting your content out there and ultimately growing your following is to use relevant hashtags.

Don’t over do it!

It’s known that the optimum number of hashtags to get more reach on Instagram is 9 so try to use that amount for each post and don’t be afraid to add a few more in to test them out but you don’t need to use every available hashtag to achieve good reach.

Keep them relevant!

It’s better to use five relevant hashtags that will reach your audience and attract the right kind of followers than use nine bad ones that get you nowhere, so do your research and have a look at similar brands to see what they use.

Be Unique!

Once you’ve established a loyal following, try coming up with a unique hashtag for your brand and encourage your followers to use it. This is a great way of engaging your audience and tracking brand awareness.


#5 – Watch the clock

Susan from number 10 might have time to sit on Instagram all day but chances are the majority of your audience will have peak times like, morning, mid-afternoon and evening, so try to establish when your followers are active and post your content accordingly.

You can do this by posting similar content at different times of the day, using the same hashtags and seeing which posts get the most engagement.

Ultimately this will give you a higher reach and a better chance at gaining new followers, quickly.


Joe ?


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