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Celebrating April 1st at Longleat #AprilFool

This year we were charged with coming up with a simple but highly engaging April Fools for Longleat. It was a dream task and one we were more than happy to get our paws in to.

We ran through a number of ideas but none made us laugh out loud as much the one the one we finally went with… We took inspiration from the internet, somewhere we, funnily enough, spend a lot of our time. A few years back #InternetRenamesAnimals took the online world by storm and since then, it’s popularity has only continued to grow substantially.

We wanted to tap in to that popularity and we were sure it would work exceptionally well with Longleat’s audience. We were right.

On Sunday April 1st, the following post went up across Longleat’s channels: ‘To ensure we stay current in these ever-changing times, we have made the official decision to take inspiration from the internet and update our guidebooks with more accurate animal names. These images show a selection of those who will be shortly renamed, further announcements to follow.’

See the post on Facebook here: