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Emma’s Work Experience at Gumption Agency

Work experience

Monday arrived, my first day of work experience, which meant it was time to put my big girl shoes on, go out and conquer the world! Except that if I actually wore heels, things would have gone a little bit like this –


I was already nervous that I wasn’t going to find the office, even after looking intently on google maps, but as I walked into the centre of town, I was immediately struck by the Gumption lightning bolt logo on a door opposite Greggs. I stood there grateful that it wasn’t going to be hard after all but also pondering how a girl who’s lived her whole life in Frome has never noticed that door. I’ve since learnt that Gumption moved to this office in October, so it’s simply this past year which my observation skills have lacked, but I like to use the excuse that I’ve been away at Bournemouth Uni.

When I first heard the words social media marketing, I didn’t quite know what that entailed. If I’m honest, I guess I had never thought of someone else being in control of another company’s social media channels, I thought they would just casually add a few posts here and there. What I have learnt is that there is soooo much more work involved.

So I had been interested in advertising and marketing for a while, but I hadn’t come across this sector within them, so I was intrigued. After research of Gumption Agency, I became more informed and the company looked like a little gem with its unique, fun website. They worked with some big names and most importantly they were kind enough to reply to my email!

The first thing I learnt during my time here at Gumption, was how important Outreach work is to publicise a company in an aim to build consumers. You’ve probably all experienced followers from companies, and comments like ‘great pic’ on channels like Instagram and Twitter. I definitely had, yet I never imagined how important these connections were for gaining followers and collecting photographs that could be used on their social media channels.

I’ve spent parts of my days crafting tweets, and it this creativity which has been my favourite part. I especially enjoyed captioning Longleat animal photos; I know I found them funny, I just hope everyone else has a similar sense of humour! Here’s one that also got used as a Facebook post:

Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 17.12.04 - Display 1

All the research and work on Longleat has made me want to visit again, I have yet to see the adorable penguins and these awesome stingrays (just look at his cute face snapped by SimonD#).


I also got involved with tweeting about the Parson Bakery campaign, which featured the Queen B herself, offering free jam doughnuts to her Cardiff fans, playing on the famous Destiny’s Child’s lyric with “Are you ready for this jelly?”.

The offer proved to be successful, and it was interesting to see a company use a celebrity’s gig to their advantage. But I mean, if I was lucky to have had tickets to see Beyoncé, I would have definitely claimed my free doughnut. Who doesn’t love doughnuts? (coming from one guilty sweet tooth…)

giphy (22)

I also witnessed the power of social media, as the message to vote Weston’s Grand Pier for the Best UK Pier was rapidly spread. The vibe in the office was excitement mixed with tension, as we all sat on the edge of seats as The Grand Pier was head to head with Clarence Pier. We saw 5 minutes where Weston took the lead, but before celebrations could get too crazy, Clarence overtook to take the trophy. Although, it was a shame Weston just missed out, it sure did show the passion Gumption have for their clients.

Finally, I must state how cool their office was. It was just as quirky as their website, and I was particularly captivated by the most awesome giant bunny rabbit bin, and log cushions at the lunch table. And I can now say, I have had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous, chilled office dog Betty, which topped off my day, considering I’m a huge dog lover!

So overall I’ve learnt a lot about the role of social media marketing, and all the efforts that go into meeting the needs of the client. I still want to explore different fields in a similar area, it’s a stressful thing working out what to do with your future, especially when you’ve got family members pressing you for answers all the time. But hey I’ve got plenty of time before settling down I guess…


P.S – I nearly forgot, I must mention how awesome it was to find people who share the same amount of excitement for the new Gilmore Girl’s series as me! ?

giphy (23)

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