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Introducing Kate Gillard

Kate Gillard

Hi there! My name is Kate Gillard and I’m currently studying Media Production. 

My passion for media can be traced back to when I was a child, when I would make little videos for my family and friends. This passion has continued to grow ever since. As I am a creative person and a lover of everything social media, I feel that I am at the forefront of this ever-changing industry and hope to eventually make this my lifelong career. 

Outside of college, I love music and have a wide range of musical tastes. I also love to travel and will go anywhere, soaking up all the new experiences each of the different places brings. I find this links in with my love of all things media in so many ways. I’m a lover of films and TV shows, whether they’re local to me or from anywhere in the world. I love taking photographs while travelling too; I love making memories. 

As part of my college course, I was required to find a work industry placement. I initially met Jenna when I was involved in a project with Gumption last year as part of my studies. I thoroughly enjoyed my contribution to this project and when asked to find a placement I had no hesitation in asking Jenna if I could join her team. Thankfully when I approached Jenna to ask her – she agreed! 

I strive to give the best of my ability in any project I’m asked to do, and I am very much looking forward to working as part of the Gumption team for the next academic year. I’m ready to face the challenges that the role will bring me as a work placement student.