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James’s Work Experience at Gumption Agency

Work experience

As a 17 year old boy who doesn’t know what direction he wants to take his life in yet, coming to Gumption for work experience was a great opportunity to see what other, less traditional, jobs were out there.

At first when I heard ‘social media marketing’, I thought to myself “What even is that?” but after a few minutes of looking through their website, I understood what they did… kind of.

Work experience

I assumed that they would probably only work with smaller business owners that aren’t especially tech savvy and would need a company to run their social media, but when I arrived on the first day I realised that they do so much more than just write one 140 character tweet for a small local business each day. I realised that they do many different things from Facebook posts to huge campaign ideas for places like Longleat, which I just found amazing; I didn’t think about how much work went into planning and preparing for different posts on every social media platform and how Gumption had to grow each of their clients’ follower bases with quality content and a good attitude towards customers on social media.

Before coming here I didn’t think you could work in an office and be creative but the team soon proved me wrong. I noticed how much went into one tweet after I was asked to edit a promotional rock climbing video for Cheddar Gorge on the first day. After a few seconds of editing, I realised that it was their very own Bryony who was the one attempting to defeat this cliff face; you don’t just sit around all day on a computer if you work here.

On the second day I was shown how to properly handle Instagram accounts and I was set the task of trying to get more followers on the Grand Pier account by going through people and accounts that might be interested. I ended up only getting around 2 followers but I did manage to find a few photos that we could use for posts in the future which gave me a sense of achievement.

Work experience

I was worried that I was just going to be making tea for everyone around the office for a week (I make really bad tea by the way so that was a particularly stressful thought) but the team were incredibly friendly and really made me feel involved with all of their work. I felt like I actually was helping them, and at one point they actually made me tea! I learned many new things like how to make tweets and posts have more of a purpose towards their audience and the importance that social media plays in a business as I found it is a great way to reach further audiences and target specific ones.

Work experience

I’ve had a really fun week here and I now know much more about what social media marketing is and how it works which is great. I would definitely consider looking for a similar career when I’m older and have finished my education.


Work experience

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