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Kate’s Favourite Social Media Campaigns of 2019

All campaigns are different, but each one is designed to raise awareness and engage with a specific audience over social media. You don’t have to worry about finding the best ones, because Kate, who is with us on work experience, is sharing her top social media campaigns of 2019! 

Adidas – “she breaks barriers”

Adidas started a campaign for social media using the hashtag #CreatorsUnite which was made so that athletes could share the challenges they face.

With “she breaks barriers”, Adidas focused specifically on breaking down stereotypes and promoting equality for female athletes. 

Nike – Dream Crazier

The main focus of this campaign was to show representation for International Women’s Day and dispel sexist assumptions. It encourages women to dream crazier in life. 

This video was narrated by Serena Williams, and Nike have since released a “dream further” film to amplify the message.

The campaign centres around powerful and inspiring athletes such as Manal Rostom, who become the first Egyptian to run the six major marathons.

Game Of Thrones

The final season of the Game of Thrones TV series came out this year and generated a lot of buzz, especially over on Twitter. 

The third episode generated nearly 8 million tweets. This is the most tweets generated about a TV episode to date.

In 2019, 50 million tweets have been posted about Game of Thrones. 50 million

Gillette – #TheBestMenCanBe

Gillette started a campaign to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of their tagline, “the best a man can get”.

Because of the growth of the #metoo movement and declining mental health in men, this campaign focuses on what it means to be a good man. #TheBestMenCanBe shines a light on men who are advocates and mentors within their communities, despite facing hardships. 

Alongside this campaign, Gillette are contributing $3 million to non-profit organisations.

Those are my favourite campaigns of 2019 so far! What’s your favourite?