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Top ten ambient tracks to listen to when you’re working from home

As a business, our team has worked remotely for many years. So, as pros to this WFH (Working From Home) stuff, we thought we’d share our top tips on how to create yourself a splendid working environment. We’re bringing lots of tips over the coming weeks and days but today we’re starting with this…
Avoid the silence. One of the things we missed when we started working from home was just noise. The chatter of work colleagues or just, well, anything. Anything at all to break the crushing silence of your own home.
So, don’t laugh (OK maybe you can a little bit), but we discovered Ambient Worlds on YouTube and honestly it’s a game changer. Seems ridiculous? Trust us, it’s not. It’s just noise but you can also pretend you’re writing that budget whilst sat in the Shire or at Hogwarts. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THAT?!
Here are our ten favourite ones. You. Are. Welcome.

1. Skyrim Winter Storms Music & Ambience

2. The Shire Music & Ambience

7. Rivendell Music & Ambience

8. Asgard Music & Ambience

9. Hufflepuff Common Room Music & Ambience

10. USS Enterprise Bridge Ambience

In all seriousness, these really help us to concentrate at home. The music isn’t distracting and it helps block out the rest of the world (particularly good at this time, no?)