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Social Media For Small Business: Top Tip #1

We can’t stress how much easier this will make your life. We’re all busy, especially SME’s, and we need to be smart and strategic with our time.
So, the first step is to create a posting plan. This is a document (usually an Excel spreadsheet) that details what you’ll be posting out and when. This allows you to decide in advance all the key messages you need to share with your audience – for example, any deals you have available, that you want them to sign up to your e-newsletter, share details of the services that you offer and so much more. Don’t think you have anything to say? Think again! All businesses have plenty to tell their customers and would-be customers – we’ll swear to that fact.
Homework: Write down 20 things that you want your customers to know about you. An there you have it! Your first 20 posts for social media (see, we knew there was plenty you could write about!)
Up next: we’ll tell you how to schedule your posts so they go out automatically. A really useful and time saving process.