Social Media

Social Media for Small Business: Top Tip #2

We know that many small businesses struggle to find the time to do their social media but we have a great piece of advice to ensure that any efforts you do go to are as efficient as possible. In our last column we told you about posting plans, so now that you have (hopefully!) started writing your posts in advance, it’s now time to start scheduling them. This means that they’ll go out on their own at a time and date of your choosing. Now you only have to do your social once a week, not every day. Phew!

To schedule we recommend using a tool such as Hootsuite. It’s free to use and allows you to schedule your posts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Just go to to find out how to use it. It’s really easy, promise! You can also do it directly through Facebook! Just go to for step by step instructions.

Happy scheduling!