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Social Media for Small Business: Top Tip #4


We often get asked about how to create interesting and fun content – businesses complaining that they don’t have anything to post about. Nonsense, we say! Every business has plenty of interesting things to say; we always recommend sitting down with your team and brainstorming posts. For example, if you’re a restaurant, every single one of your menu items could be a post. A hotel? Each one of your bedrooms. What about the garden? How about introducing your team members? This brings a human element into marketing, which on social is always a good thing. Think of your social accounts as a behind-the-scenes look in to your business, let your potential customers see behind the curtain!

Our other top tips for content are:

  1. Follow businesses that you admire on social media and be inspired by what they post – help it refresh your creative side!
  2. Start using Canva ( – it’s a really easy to use graphic design tool (it’s free!) that allows you turn so-so content (images) in to WOW content

Stay tuned for further social media tips for small businesses!