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Solve Your Social Media Woes In One Hour

Social Media is the way forward in this day and age, we use it for everything! To look up friends, contacts, services, food, fashion, beauty and even places we are thinking of visiting.  People no longer use traditional methods as their first port of call to find out information. Social Media is now the way as a business of connecting with your target market so it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd and are engaging your target audience. This is where we can help!
If you’ve ever thought that an hour is never long enough to get things done we’re here to prove you wrong! With our 60 minute smash sessions we can help teach you in one hour all you need and want to know about Social Media. We can review what you’re currently doing and make suggestions to help you achieve your social media goals and engage with your target audience. We can help you build up your social media profiles on various platforms. Our sessions are available online, all you need is to allocate 60 minutes of your time and allow us to work our magic!
Cost is £75 +VAT.
Contact us today to book your session: sayhello@www.gumption.agency