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The Gumption Christmas Trees of 2019

Social Media Manager Corrie decorating an artificial Christmas tree

Christmas only comes once a year so we like to do it properly at Gumption. Festive music, festive food, festive socks – the works. And that, of course, includes decorating Christmas trees! 

Since we’re lucky enough to work from home, we have THREE official Gumption Christmas trees to show you, one from each of our team. Without further ado, let’s get right into them.

Jenna’s Christmas Tree

Our MD has gone for a minimalist approach to her tree this year, though on reflection she thinks it looks less minimalist and more depressing. Please note the Mark Zuckerberg atop. It’s been tradition to have him as her ‘fairy’ as without him this business wouldn’t exist, however we’re not sure his (and Facebook’s) actions this year will land him on Santa’s Nice List. There’s a distinct animal theme (including Grumpy Cat) because of the inordinate amount of time she spends at Longleat – filming the animals, editing them and generally hanging out with them. All for work, of course.

Corrie’s Christmas Tree

Our social media manager is a bit of a self-professed nerd, so you may recognise some of the characters adorning her artificial snow-flocked tree. Alongside her Star Wars decorations, there are also a couple of glittery Harry Potter-themed baubles, all gifted by friends and family. You may also spot a few reindeer dotted among the red, silver and white baubles, all from her first Christmas season away from her family home. Her cuddly toys (including a couple of Pokémon and Pegasus from Disney’s Hercules) are permanent fixtures – so don’t judge, OK?

Kate’s Christmas Tree

Kate, who is with us on work experience, has opted for a traditional theme with a little bit extra in the form of iridescent baubles. You might say it’s colourful, and you’d be right – we like things a bit different here at Gumption. Most of her baubles are from Christmas markets and the supermarket, and were placed randomly around her tree. Being a well-prepared individual, she already has presents under the tree for Christmas Day, with her lovable doggie pride of place next door. It’s the first year she will be spending Christmas with her boyfriend and her family.

Local Christmas Trees We Love

Longleat (one of our lovely clients) has the most magical Christmas tree. It’s all-singing, all-dancing. Literally. It even snows! Don’t miss out on your chance to see Longleat’s Enchanted Christmas Tree this winter and get your tickets to their famous Festival of Light here.

And, seeing as we’re based in Frome, how could we not feature the town centre’s Christmas tree? It’s simple and understated, with sparkling blue and gold lights. Exactly what’s needed to bring a bit of festive cheer to all the shoppers!

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