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Using social media for your business or campaign during Covid-19

Written by Jenna, Gumption’s MD.

Social media can often get mixed reviews. It generally tends to bring not only the worst out in us as a population but also the best. Today we’re going to talk about the best of times because, frankly, there’s quite enough negativity out in the world this week.

Let’s get started with an encouraging stat. #PayItForward has seen a 22% rise in use in the last week and #smallbiz currently has a current exposure (views) of 444,000 per hour. This crisis is horrendous on many levels but my heart has honestly been warmed by the amount of support I have seen online for small businesses.

So, onwards.

We’ve seen a huge shift to digital this week. Many businesses have had to fundamentally change the way they make money, communicate with their customers and work with their team. It’s enormously stressful and I’m hoping that this blog may help. Below are a handful of suggestions to keep your business going digital in the coming months.

Video Conferencing
If speaking to people is a part of your business then start conducting sessions on Zoom (or others such as GoToMeeting). We’ve seen some excellent examples of this, particularly from the fitness world.

Take a look at Somerset’s Affinity Wellbeing, they’ve nailed it:

Keep Posting
Whether you can sell online or not we can’t stress enough that you should still continue to post on social media. This applies not just to small businesses but those of all sizes.

This WILL be over at some point in the future and you don’t want your customers to forget about you. But be sure to post sympathetically and sensibly.

  • Do you have expertise in-house that you could use to help your followers? Could you support them by answering their questions via FB Live, for example.
  • Careful when pushing luxury or non-essential products/services. The vast majority of the population is worried about money so don’t push things they don’t need on to them – it won’t do you any favours when it comes to future brand loyalty
  • If you can take the hit financially, consider posting non sales posts – use this time to focus on engagement and improving your brand preference/loyalty
  • There is a certain fatigue already with reading about Covid-19 – the population wants to be distracted from this national crisis so try not to add to the noise unless you feel it’s absolutely necessary

Keep it slow

The world has slowed down and so should your posting. We usually recommend posting every day (multiple times a day on Instagram Stories and Twitter) but take your foot off the pedal and reduce the amount your business is posting.

What can you give away?

Do you have experts in-house that could help small businesses in your local area? Do you have products that you could give away in a competition?

Think of ways that you could make this world a better place. How could you make someone happy today? Your customers will remember the good things you did during this difficult time.

We hope this helps but if you have any questions at all, ask me on Twitter here.

In the middle of a campaign?

If you’re in the middle of a campaign, stop. Pause social media activity and take stock of whether it’s appropriate to proceed given the current climate.

Ask yourself:

  • There’s a lot of noise online, will I be heard?
  • Will you need to spend more to get heard? And if yes (which is likely) then consider waiting a week or so before restarting activity (when you’ll get better boost/ad value)
  • Is my campaign relevant to people’s current situations?
  • Could my campaign be seen as insensitive?

Another point here is whether you are campaigning for donations. Many of the UK’s population will be suffering financially so consider this:

  • Is it right for you to be asking for donations when so many are struggling financially?
  • If you’re seeing a drop in donations and are still advertising/spending money, is it cost efficient to carry on with your current level of spend or should you pause for a week or so and wait for the dust to settle, so to speak?

Like most of the world, we’re doing whatever we can to make sure our business stays open.

So, if you need extra help with your social media or just want someone to bounce ideas off, we offer a Power Hour service where you can ask me (just about!) anything. If you book in the next two weeks then we’ll slash our usual rate by 40%.

If there’s a particular topic you’d like us to cover on social media then let us know on Twitter. We’ll do our best to cover it!